One of the key essences for the healing is “Rhythm.” It means that when you are not healthy, it is very difficult to be in the rhythm and your body and mind create the noise for “Help.”

Paul has not only mastered great skills for healing but is also known for a happy and healthy rhythm in his life. His commitment to live happy and healthy has been demonstrated so beautifully and naturally for many years I have known him.

Close your eyes and surrender in his arms, you start to hear your own happy and healthy music from your heart.

Shinzo Fujimak
World renowned Shiatsu master and educator, creator of EASY Energetic Aquatic Shiatsu Yoga and a man full of heart, passion and soul.


My back feels like it is completely healed!! So much better. Is that possible??

Is there a place on your business page you can post testimonials?…I’d be happy to write one for you.

It really was an amazing experience. I’ll have to think of when i can do the next treatment.
thanks! Margaret

…So, this is what she wrote! I love it!

Watsu and Healing Dance is like a therapeutic spa treatment!

I had had my first baby and she was 4 months old when I went to have my first Watsu treatment. My lower back had been severely traumatized during my delivery and I had extreme pain getting up from resting and doing any kind of lifting. I consider myself a fit person, I practice yoga daily and run. But, I could not self heal my back. I tried Watsu and as crazy as it sounds- my back was better after the one treatment!

It isn’t just the benefit that was so great. I walked into the building on a Sunday afternoon overtired, frayed and not looking forward to a long week ahead of work and over-commitments. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but once I had changed into my suit- I went to the pool area and the lights were dimmed, the pool very warm and it felt like I was in a luxurious spa. Paul explained how he would float me, but after that said nothing and let me relax and experience the treatment in silence. All I could hear was the sound of water. Being floated around in the warm water and very gently massaged was really a tremendous experience! It was so soothing and calming…like a 90 minute vacation from life.

Paul was professional and un-intrusive. He made the whole experience calm and must have known just what needed to be done to get my back in alignment.

I would say it’s like a trip to the spa, the chiropractor, a massage and a vacation in some expensive resort all in one.

I can’t wait to do it again just for a relaxing experience even though my back is better!
Strongly recommended to all.

Margaret Schloegel
Owner of Invisible Bee Yoga Studio


I experienced Watsu and Healing Dance with Paul first at the Courage Center. Living with fibromyalgia and working full-time was very challenging for me. I had increasing difficulties with walking, sitting, performing any movements really without pain, among other symptoms. I heard about Watsu through a presentation at the fibromyalgia support group at Courage Center and thought I’d look into it. I met Paul at my first appointment. The results I felt from just that first experience left me sleeping better than I had for months. Pain was lessened, too. I continued seeing Paul monthly after that. I became more flexible and my outlook on life improved. After Paul left Courage Center, I followed him to his new locations – yes, I am a watsu groupie/junkie – whatever! When I am able to set up watsu time, I can because I know I will feel better for it.

Paul also teaches yoga at various locations. I took his classes on shiatsu yoga for several months to see if I could extend the well being I experienced with Watsu. That, too, helped. When time became a crunch for me, I admit I picked Watsu. I have been experiencing it for about 4 1/2 – 5 years now and will continue with Watsu as my schedule permits.

Ann Antus


It’s been ages since I’ve had the privilege of sharing the water with Paul–much too long.  If I close my eyes and quiet my mind I am able to breathe myself back into the water with him guiding my body through the motions that release the stress and tensions I am aware of–as well as those I don’t even realize exist.  Whether we are doing Watsu and remaining on the surface or Waterdance/Healing Dance and exploring the different pulls/pushes of being underwater, when my sessions are complete I feel like a new woman.  My limp and paresis go away, my mind is clearer, and I am significantly better able to handle the challenges life hands me.

Ms. D