Healing Dance®

Healing Dance® is a powerful and beautiful technique developed by Alexander in 1993, incorporating elements of Watsu, WaterDance, Trager Work, and dance. It consists of five trainings, Introduction to Healing Dance, Healing Dance I, Healing Dance II and the two underwater trainings—Above and Below and Shape and Space. The Healing Dance is primarily based on wave movements for the entire body, and also includes quiet embraces, releases, tractions, smooth transitions and massage, all woven together in an unending flow. The guiding philosophy of the work is that movement is the “medicine” and in the experience of “received dance” the healing process in the body is activated. Students learn to create the sensation of lightness and flying, to generate a rhythmic field, to find the various “rhythms of awareness” for clients and even to channel movement. Physical and emotional blockages are resolved in the polarity between freedom and security. Advanced body mechanics are taught to create movements of greater subtlety and sensitivity. As the vocabulary of movements expands students become more confident to improvise and better respond to the needs of the client. Healingdance.org is the official web site of Healing Dance.[1]

Here are some additional Healing Dance Shape and Space and Above and Below links to YouTube:

Capoeira Knee Snake 
The Dolphin 

Head Foot Parachute

[1] Content Obtained from aquaticwritings.tripod.com