Welcome to the warmth of a 92°-95° therapy pool and your home for Aquatic Bodywork in Plymouth, Minnesota!

Imagine being supported in warm water as all of your tension floats away. In the pool we combine the physiological relaxation of warm water with massage therapy. The water itself provides gentle, effective traction. Healing becomes effortlessly deeper as your mind and body gently unwind and unknot.

There is something about the water that makes you feel alright. This is an amazing sensation that I love sharing. Time slows down and this form of bodywork lends itself to creativity and mind-body connection.

The following video shows how the first session could look. You relax and breathe, and I support your every movement and guide you through the water. I massage or stretch you using the water’s resistance and listening to your breathing patterns. Later, we may choose to go under water as an option. This is a great intro video to the work.

You may experience this work as a feeling of gently swirling, floating, and even flying through the warm water. This produces a sensation of lightness, freedom, and calm. The spacious and weightless quality of this modality relieves stress. Skillfully guided movement through the water tractions the spine and works to release muscle restrictions and areas of tension.

Benefits my clients experience include:

  • reduced neck and back pain
  • reduced pain throughout the body
  • reduced stiffness and motion limitations
  • reduced muscular and emotional stress and tension
  • increased flexibility
  • increased circulation and recovery
  • deeper connection to breath
  • increased ability to relax
  • headache relief
  • deeper and more restorative sleep

In the water or on land, the foundation of my approach is to listen to your body and breath. Diagnosis through touch and experience informs my understanding of how to support your healing. The diverse techniques in my toolbox are integrated in response to your needs.

Life keeps getting better!

In health and relaxation,

Paul Cherba

Watsu®, Healing Dance®, Waterdance®, Aquatic Integration™, Shiatsu Massage, Yoga.